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Free for New Clients

An initial consultation by telephone or video conference for up to an hour for new clients is free.  We discuss, at a high level, your interests and needs for patient advocate services and decide together if we are best suited to meet your needs.


Standard and Premium

Flat Standard and Premium Rates apply to all advocacy services on an hourly basis as follows:

Standard Hourly Rate $135 Applies to Advocacy Services provided during normal business hours, Monday through Fridays between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Premium Hourly Rate $216 - Applies to Advocacy Services provided  outside of normal business hours including weekday evenings, holidays, and weekends.


Should you decide to proceed with Calliope Patient Advocates® after the initial consultation, a contract between Calliope Patient Advocates and the client describing the services to be delivered will be presented and signed by both parties. An up-front retainer fee of $540 will then be collected. Once payment for the retainer fee is received and the contract fully executed, work will begin.  The retainer fee will be applied on an hourly basis as services are delivered.


Clients may purchase additional blocks of hours in advance or opt to pay as they go on an hourly basis for services.


Monthly reports will be prepared showing an itemization of the hours spent towards services delivered and payments received / outstanding.


Flexibility is our aim

Payments by cash, check, and credit card are accepted.


Patient Advocacy Services Are Not Typically Covered By Insurance Plans

Most insurance plans do not cover the cost of independent patient advocate services.  

While many hospitals and some insurance companies offer patient advocacy services at no cost, these services are typically limited scope.  In contrast, independent patient advocates are hired directly by patients and their families and deliver a full spectrum of advocacy services whether it be a billing complaint or any other services in or out of a hospital setting.

Many hospitals offer patient advocacy services upon request.  However, these resources are routinely located in the hospital’s risk management or legal department and are often very limited in number.  Typically, they focus on resolving patient complaints received while they are hospitalized and to ensure hospital policies preserving patients’ rights and adherence to safety protocols by the hospital staff.

Some insurance companies offer patient advocacy services to help customers with the resolution of billing complaints complaints and to assist customers in understanding their insurance claims and benefits..

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