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Prepared to Meet Your Unique Healthcare Needs

At Calliope Patient Advocates®, we offer a broad range of services in Healthcare Support & Navigation, Insurance & Billing, and in Medical Emergency Preparedness. We pride ourselves on tailoring individual services to match your specific needs.

We offer services throughout the US.  Geographically located in Connecticut, we provide additional in-person services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.



Find a Primary Care or Specialty Provider

Use our expertise to research options for your care that match your needs when you need it.

Medication Review

Be confident managing multiple prescriptions. We can help you to organize and review your medications to prevent inadvertent errors as well as to confirm medication insurance coverage.

Healthcare Treatment Options

Allow us to help you to research and understand your treatment options.  Leverage our expertise in matching options available to you based on your own resources and preferences.  

Hospital Bedside Support 

Be comforted knowing your advocate is communicating across the healthcare team to ensure there is a safe and clear plan for your care both during your hospital stay and post discharge.  Having an advocate at your hospital bedside not only provides compassionate support but fills a critical role coordinating with your entire healthcare team.

Home Visits 

While technology advances in video conferencing have made remote homecare visits possible, experiences of an in-person meeting allow for much richer and deeper personal connections. Home visits provide opportunities to establish client / advocate trust which leads to a solid foundation for all services we provide on your behalf.. 

Prepare for and Attend Medical Appointments

Don't miss important details during your doctor visit. Most patients don’t recall about half of what the doctors tell us. Many factors contribute to this, such as limited time with your doctor, understanding your lab testing results, and feeling anxious about a medical exam. Rely on your advocate to help you organize your questions and concerns prior to your medical exam and to take notes during the exam.  

Arrange for Medical Transportation 

Don't let lack of transportation prevent you from attending your healthcare approintments. We can help you to find services to get you where you need to go.


Medical Bill Discrepancies & Insurance Claims Review

Be sure you are billed appropriately.  We review your statement to match your bills to your insurance explanation of benefits and clear up discrepancies.

Insurance Planning & Research

We work with you to research insurance options best suited to you.


"Roughly 80 percent of all medical bills contain billing errors..."* Small oversights, insurance omissions, miscalculations, coding errors, and many other things can leave you owing much, much more than your share of your medical bills.


A professional and experienced patient advocate can review your bills and catch many if not all errors, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your medical bills.

* Matthews, Kayla, July 31, 2018, Medical Billing Errors are Seriously Hurting Healthcare. Retrieved from



Prepare Your Emergency Medical Contacts and Critical Medical History Information

Being prepared for a medical emergency at all times is essential.  We create a document for you that captures the most essential aspects of your medical information, including your primary care provider, your emergency contacts, your insurance plan details, current medications and dosages, and allergies. 

Legal / Professional

We offer assistance in establishing your healthcare legal documents within the guidelines mandated in your state.

Prepare Living Wills / Advance Directives 

Document your life choice preferences.

Establish a Healthcare Power of Attorney

Designate a trusted family member or professional to speak for you if you are unable to do so. 

Healthcare Support & Navigation
Medical Bill Discrepancies & Insurance Claims Review
Medical Emergency Preparedness
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